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Thoughts on Journaling from an Emotional Stuffer

I’m an emotional stuffer. I don’t talk to people about my deep struggles. I don’t like being vulnerable. I can write, but I don’t speak well, because I cry too easily. Yay me. But until recently, I didn’t even write down my struggles because growing up with sisters who would steal and read each other’s diaries made me determined to risk no one knowing my “stuff.”
But over the past three years, I’ve started to pick up my pen, jot notes in my journal, be vulnerable to the pages of my notebook.I don’t write consistently. Months will go by between entries. But the more I journal, the more sense I can make of things. It’s relieving to expressthe confusion, the hurt, the joy to something somewhere. Because I’m a dorky, ex-wanna-be-detective, I have entries that I encode in case someone decides that my journal looks interesting, haha, but journaling has offered me a safe place to express my emotions.
It offers me a place of remembrance of people’s encouragement to me when I’m discouraged. It g…

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